Doccy explores ‘corrective rape’


On 29 October CNN will air a documentary in its World’s Untold Stories strand titled, They Call It Corrective Rape, which focuses on the horrific trend in South Africa where lesbians are attacked by men who think they can “cure’ them by raping them.

This is happening in a country where gay rights are supposed to be protected by the constitution. There are no actual statistics available, just more and more accounts from lesbians who are under attack.

In the documentary CNN’s Johannesburg correspondent Nkepile Mabuse meets women who say they have been threatened, abused and raped by men who think they can teach them a lesson through what they term “corrective rape’.

Twenty-year-old Zukiswa Gaca refuses to be a victim. She can’t change who she is, but on a night in December 2009, she was raped by a man who tried to do just that. Two years later, she’s still on a quest to find justice. She’s one of many South African lesbians under attack, but one of the few willing to risk even more to press charges.

World’s Untold Stories : They Call It Corrective Rape airs on Saturday 29 October at 3pm and 10pm on CNN.

A clip can be previewed on 


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