Film tourism in Cape Town


The Cape Film Commission (CFC) has announced a new initiative to attract film and business tourists to the Western Cape.

The Film Tourism project, reportedly the first of its kind in the South African industry, will offer the opportunity to experience film production locations as seen in films shot in and around Cape Town and the Western Cape.

The project’s main objective is to partner with the local tourism industry by engaging in joint promotional activities such as coordinated film walks or guided tours on production sets and film locations. These could include the forthcoming Safe House and Chronicle, recently shot through Universal and 20th Century Fox; the upcoming Ridley Scott production, Labyrinth; the recently seen BBC series Outcasts; Free Willy 3; and many other local productions including Carmen in Khayelitsha.

According to a press statement, this initiative aims to continue the pull of these productions beyond their natural audience peak and therefore promises to not only create a sustainable tourism model but one that broadens the base for the local tourism market, as film Tourism promises to boost the profiles of both the film and tourism industries.

In parallel with the Film Tourism project, the CFC has developed a marketing strategy to promote Cape Town and The Western Cape as a Film Festival destination.

Currently the CFC is involved in supporting over 20 film festivals throughout the year and is looking to work even more closely with festival organisers on this initiative. The intention is to work alongside Tourism Agencies and push an international marketing strategy to engage with cineastes and travellers around the world who want something different to complement their annual holiday.

Both initiatives have called on local industries to submit proposals to the Cape Film Commission no later than 28 October 2011.


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