Bringing animation to life


According to Greg Meek from animation and design production company Flic, they are currently working on an ad for Ogilvy and its client, Castle.

“It involves realistic looking bottles in the roles of rugby and soccer players on the field. We worked with Ogilvy’s Kush Chetty to achieve the look and feel and then had a great time bringing the animation to life,’ says Meek.

He explains that the only real challenge they faced during the project was an “incredibly tight deadline’.

“Luckily our talented team of animators and newly installed render farm saw us safely through the woods,’ he explains.

Meek notes that Flic has been involved with various advertising agencies on many different projects.

“Flic recently developed the animation style for the FNB television campaign, working with both DDB and Metropolitan Republic. We also recently shot and animated the Vodacom Color television commercials with a pyrotechnics team and the Phantom for DrafFCB.’

He notes that Flic prefers to collaborate with advertising agencies early on in the development of their concepts.

“This allows us to offer the agencies a variety of treatments and show them techniques that they may not have realised were available. Flic operates like a production company in that we bring specialists into our team for a specific project. This allows us to customise the team according to the requirements of a production,’ he explains.

“I think that animation and visual effects are the most exciting fields of production. The ability to bring abstract concepts to life and do the impossible really pushes the boundaries of creativity to the limit. With the level of photorealistic 3D becoming ever increasingly affordable to agencies, the future of creative content is very bright. I see content being created not only for television, but all emerging media spaces.


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