Apple (de)Lights at Macro Video


Macro Video had intense interest in two new and unique products that the company showed at the recent Mediatech Africa in Johannesburg.

Says Macro Video director Eric Wiese: “The TP 200 Teleprompter for Apple iPad and TP 100 Smart phone Teleprompters proved so popular that we sold all our stock.
“Andy James from CVC Media in Cape Town wanted one so badly, he collected the demo unit from our stand 15 minutes before closing time on the last day of the show!’

Datavideo has developed hardware and software that uses an Apple iPad or an Apple iPhone to generate text for teleprompting. Text that needs to be read can simply be sms-ed or emailed to the device. The software is a free app, downloadable from the Apple iStore.

Software release for Android is imminent.

Wiese notes that Macro Video also sold more than 15 MVLP On Camera LED lights at the show and is following up numerous enquiries for the MVLP-6 and MVLP-12 Studio LED lights. The lighting kit which is designed for a small studio drew a lot of attention.

“What was rather unique about the Macro Video stand is that it was lit using our own products. We did not need to rent or hire in lighting, we supplied all our own lighting.’


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