Mobile studio


Present on the Macro Video Stand was Jack Lin, president of Datavideo Technologies Co. Ltd, an ISO-9001 company and manufacturer of video editing and multimedia production equipment based in Taiwan.

Macro Video, the official distributors of Datavideo, showed their revolutionary new HS-600 mobile hand-carry studio.

“It’s a low cost eight-input SD switcher with two PIP functions,’ explained Lin. “It has six composite video and two DVID inputs combined with a built in talkback system and a 17,3inch TFT LED monitor. It’s extremely lightweight and compact and has all the features required for location work.’

Macro Video’s Eric Wiese added: “The Datavideo HS-600 had its world premiere at Mediatech Africa. It is the right product for Africa and it is appropriate that it was launched at this show.’

The HS-600 is able to offer a two-picture-in-picture function, up to two logos displayed on the same screen, a one-frame still store memory, a luma key function and various special key functions. It is RS232 and has an auxiliary output and a GPI trigger out with adjustable delay.

Wiese noted that the HS-600 has a two-year guarantee. “This shows the confidence that we have in our product. It is high end technology packaged in an uncluttered useable form.

“We are also showing a range of LED lighting which has a very low power requirement. In fact our entire stand is lit by our own LED products and there has been a lot of interest in the LED lighting.’


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