When friendship hurts


The theme of friendship and what happens when those closest to us betray our trust is the theme of this week’s episode of the South African-produced TV drama, Intersexions, which screens on SABC on 16 September at 8.30.

Intersexions is co-produced by Curious Pictures and Ants Multimedia, in partnership with Johns Hopkins Health and Education in South Africa (JHHESA) and SABC Education, with funding from USAID and PEPFAR.

In the episode, Sarah finds out that her lover, Jabu, and the friend she is helping are cheating on her. Sarah and Jabu, a struggling musician, have settled down and bought a Midrand house together. Into their home comes the jobless Amy, their best friend from varsity days, who ignored Sarah’s advice in the previous episode and ended up in a drunken one-night stand with affable chef Charlie.

Sarah has strong relationships with both Jabu, whom she mothers, and Amy, of whom she is very supportive and encouraging. Yet the moment she goes away on a business trip, the pair let their hair down, getting drunk in karaoke bars and smoking a joint together. The night of debauchery leads to the two friends making a decision that they both end up regretting.

Overcome with guilt, Jabu proposes marriage to Sarah. What should be a time of joy for Sarah turns into a nightmare when Amy tells her she cannot be her bridesmaid, and the truth comes tumbling out.


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