Putting the blame on fame


South African free-to-air commercial channel e.tv presents viewers with the ins-and-outs of celebrity life with the launch of a hot new reality series, Blame It On Fame, which splashes onto screens on Monday evenings from 5 September at 8.30pm.

The spotlight sparkles on the effervescent and lovable “YFM Twinz’, Hlelo and Ntando Masina. Their bubbly voices are heard on radio, they are seen all over the small screen and are seemingly on the social scene, 24/7.

Viewers get to see what life in “Mzansi’s fab lane’ is like with Blame It On Fame. The show goes behind the scenes with the “Twinz’ as they high-heel their way through everyday life and mingle with Mzansi’s rich and famous.

Produced by Rapid Blue, the 13-part reality series is the first locally produced show of its kind and promises to give South Africa lots of glitz and glam and some startling revelations that not even a search engine could provide.

Monde Twala, Group Head of e.tv Channels Division, says: “e.tv is excited to launch another locally produced show. Blame It On Fame is a high-quality Keeping up with the Kardashians-style reality series and a first of this format to come from South Africa. Rapid Blue have done a great job in giving viewers a peek into the lives of the famous, and who better than the bubbly ‘Twinz’ to give the scoop on South African celebville. This is yet another treat for the South African viewers. e.tv is committed to delivering content that is fresh, innovative and relevant.’

Kee-Leen Irvine, Executive Producer of Rapid Blue says: “Rapid Blue is thrilled to be able to create this show for e.tv, and Hlelo and Ntando stood out as the absolutely perfect choice. Beautiful, warm and engaging, these lovely ladies are a delightful duo who live a dizzying lifestyle of glitz and glamour, parties and events. Yet through it all they remain down-to-earth, good women who have strong values that are often tested in the celebrity world and sometimes leave them faced with tough choices. I hope the viewers will be as delighted with the look-in to their lives as we’ve been’.

The sassy ‘Twinz’ have two different personalities. Hlelo is opinionated, has attitude and stands firmly for what she believes in, while Ntando is the easier going twin. She is witty and humorous. Hlelo finds herself trying to understand Ntando and often pops the cloud that Ntando seems to constantly float on. Each episode of Blame It On Fame is themed around an event, a daily-life curveball, or a feud involving family or friends of the Twinz.

Blame it on Fame tracks the daily lives of Hlelo and Ntando, following them to malls, the gym, their celeb connections, parties and other major social events on the Jozi calendar.


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