SAMRO celebrates 50 years


The Southern African Music Rights Organisation (SAMRO) is toasting 50 years as Africa’s foremost rights administration society. Starting at the end of August 2011 and continuing well into 2012, SAMRO will commemorate its golden jubilee in style.

A number of activities and programmes are planned for this important milestone, starting with the Moshito Music Conference and Exhibition; the SAMRO Overseas Scholarships Competition; a copyright media training workshop; the SAMRO/MES fundraising concert; the launch of a book tracking SAMRO’s 50 years in the music industry, and a documentary to be flighted on the national broadcaster.

Next year sees SAMRO’s glittering 50th anniversary concert, as well as awards ceremonies to pay homage to staff and musicians who have helped sculpt the country’s musical landscape. In essence, this means that during the year celebrating SAMRO’s half-century, tribute will be paid to music legends and industry icons, and the organisation will cement its commitment to music education and industry development while extending its outreach and community upliftment activities.

Commented Annette Emdon, Chairman of the SAMRO Board: “There may have been several social, political and technological shake-ups during those five decades, but the one thing that remains unaltered is our commitment to serving the interests of music and musicians in Southern Africa. Fifty years on, we are proud to stand tall as a globally respected music rights administration society with more than 10,000 members.’

Going forward, SAMRO CEO Nick Motsatse said that SAMRO would continue to ensure that the composers, lyricists, publishers and performers who had entrusted the organisation with the fruits of their creative labours are properly looked after. Services to members extend beyond the regular royalty distributions and protection of intellectual property to value-added benefits such as a retirement annuity and funeral plan. “We are excited to be repositioning SAMRO as a true 21st-century organisation,’ said Motsatse. “We have several progressive projects in the pipeline that will ensure SAMRO keeps up to speed with international technological developments and can continue competing as a bona fide player on the global music stage.’

For a full line-up of SAMRO’s 50th anniversary celebrations, and for regular updates, visit, check out SAMRO South Africa on Facebook or follow @SAMROMusic on Twitter.


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