‘Short Huebschles’ screen in Windhoek


As part of the monthly “African Perspectives’ film series, AfricAvenir Windhoek in cooperation with Studio 77, Bank Windhoek Arts Festival, WhatsOnWindhoek and the FNCC, will present an evening of selected short films by Namibian Tim Huebschle on 27 August.

The “Short Huebschles’ series includes films such as Beef (2007); Behind the Scenes of Lady May – Chokola (2008); Rider without a Horse (2009); Orange Juice (2010); and Looking of Ilonga (2011).

The screening starts at 7pm at Studio 77, Old Breweries Complex, Windhoek. An entrance fee of 20N$ will be chaged. Huebschle will be in attendance.

Beef tells the story of a braai (BBQ) evening hosted by Marc, a somewhat peculiar perfectionist. Everything is planned meticulously, down to serviettes matching the plastic cutlery. Guests include Marc’s ex-girlfriend who brings her new boyfriend along, two sisters and two strange men. The guests end up ridiculing Marc and reduce the host to a servant, but they forget that he who laughs last…

Rider without a Horse revolves around the German Rider of the Rider Monument in Windhoek – one of Namibia’s most prominent historical monuments – coming to life in 2008, 18 years after Namibia’s independence, and being confronted with his own identity. In a funny but serious tale, the Rider’s journey takes him through a changed world, as he stumbles upon the Independence Day celebration ceremony in the nation’s capital. The Rider finds himself confronted by a modern reality made up of mixed race couples, rude taxi drivers, obnoxious prostitutes and drag queens, and finally black men in uniforms. All the Rider longs for is something familiar…

Orange Juice tells of a couple, each with a secret, who meet and fall in love over a glass of orange juice. Years later, still inseparable and very much in love, fate intervenes and both their secrets are revealed.

In Looking of Ilonga, a man arrives at Simon’s home one day and claims that his wife Elizabeth has borrowed a lot of money from him. Simon is faced with the problem of repaying his family’s debts. Ripped from his comfortable rural lifestyle, he travels far away to the big city, hoping to work off the debts. But from the moment he sets foot in the city, everything seems to be against Simon…

Behind the Scenes of Lady May – Chokola is a 28-minute film (directed by Obed Emvula and Christjan Apollus) that shows the making of Lady May’s music video, Chokola, directed by Huebschle in 2007. The film follows Huebschle, Lady May, and the film crew and shows the pains, joy, and challenges encountered during the process of filming the video, which later won the prestigious Channel O Best Dance Video Award in 2008.


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