Tech savvy teens on SABC3


Three energetic, dynamic and clued up teenagers called “The Technorati’ will feature in a new 26 episode series on SABC3 by Talent Attack TV Productions.

Techno Geeks starts on Saturday 6 August 2011 at 9am and will follow Luke Gordon “The Jock Boy’, Amu Muyanga “Queen Diva Amu’ and Justin Swarts “The Prankster’ as they share links, discuss ideas, “insert’ video snippets and relay information about the latest “gizmos and gadgets’.

The teens have teamed up to write and publish the Digital Mayhem Blog and aim “to set trends to educate and inspire the world about the coolness that is technology and inspire the next generation of trendsetters, computer scientists and mega-cool-innovators’.

Between classes and homework the three high school students scour the city, television shows, social networks, news, magazines and research online for science and technology trends.

They will be joined during their online video chats where they will take turns introducing the audience to what they have explored during the week regarding the subject they decided on.

Techno Geeks is on SABC3 Saturdays at 9am.  


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