SA trailer wins international competition


The three-minute movie trailer for the yet to be made South African film, Short Cut, has won the International Movie Trailer Competition Grand Prize. Short Cut is from director Norman Maake and producer David Max Brown.

“We won against all the films already made and not yet made,’ says Max Brown. “This means a cash prize of $5,000 and kudos and acclaim, as well as a skype session with Scott Rosenfelt, the producer of more than 30 Hollywood films and most famously the producer of Home Alone, Mystic Pizza and Smoke Signals.

“This is a big step forward to getting Short Cut financed and also a testimony to the fact that the world is looking out for meaningful, well made films from South Africa and Africa.’

As reported in the July issue of the Screen Africa print magazine, Short Cut centres on Zimbabwean refugees who work in South Africa’s gold mines. The film focuses on black farm workers who are seen by Mugabe’s war veterans as collaborators with European “colonisers’ and are forced off their farms to become refugees. They cross the border into South Africa looking for a better life, only to be forced into slavery.

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