Mokolo African Online Platform introduced


Named after the largest open-air market in Yaoundé, Cameroon, Mokolo is a partnership between organisations and independent practitioners aimed at strengthening the African film and TV industries. It is envisioned as an open online platform that will connect distribution, information and networking websites through an easy accessible one-stop-portal.

The Mokolo collective will introduce the project in conjunction with the Durban FilmMart and will hold three separate events on Friday, 22 July:

14h00 – 15h30: Mokolo participates in the panel African Initiatives
16h00 – 17h30: Mokolo presentation and discussion
17h30 – 18h30: Mokolo Cocktail

The main purpose of Mokolo’s presence in Durban is to the present the initiative for colleagues in the film and TV industries, and to attract future potential partners and platform users.

The idea of creating an online platform for African film practitioners and film lovers was motivated by a broader vision of intra- and cross continental communication. The concept was born in late 2010 during an experts meeting initiated hosted by the Goethe-Institut in Yaoundé, Cameroon, and further developed at a second meeting in Burkina Faso in 2011.

Through partnerships with existing networking and distribution websites (content providers) the Mokolo platform will allow better access to these sites by becoming an additional point of access under a one-stop African brand. Mokolo is not aiming to become a data creator or storage vehicle, nor is it aiming to become a content distributor or vendor, but will allow users to perform many functions of partners’ websites (eg. search, edit and view content) from one single platform. Mokolo’s partners remain independent at all times and will operate their own web sites as they have always done.

Mokolo’s mission is to support networking between African industry practitioners and their European colleagues by establishing an industry exchange portal (MOKOLO CONNECT), and to support the distribution of African film through a distribution portal that will offer access to African film and TV products by integrating multiple suppliers of video-on-demand services and other distribution models (MOKOLO DISTRIB).

Mokolo’s vision is to strengthen the African audiovisual industries, contribute to a conducive production climate by offering increased accessibility to African audiovisual industries and content without competing with existing websites for industry related information and exchange. It aims to become a prominent and vibrant virtual marketplace for inspiring exchange and trade, just like its namesake.

The Mokolo Core Group consists of a number of organisations and film and TV practitioners representing different spheres of film and TV industries in Africa and Europe, among them the information database, Africultures and the video-on-demand online store AfricaFilms.TV.

The Goethe-Institut as the project initiator is initially supporting the Mokolo financially and administratively during its establishing phase. As soon as a structure has been established, Mokolo will become a self-sustained industry owned pan-African structure.


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