Will the 3D boom endure?


For the past two years 3D feature films have been all the rage. However, Broadcast Engineering reports that Hollywood studios, which are releasing 16 movies in 3D format during the American summer season, are worried about that the returns might not be as good as expected.

The main reason for this concern is the 3D release of Walt Disney Studios’ Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides, which cost $400m but did poor 3D business in the US.

As Broadcast Engineering points out, event movies have typically done 60% of their business in 3D. However, “Stranger Tides” sold just 47% in 3D. Similarly, 3D on Kung Fu Panda 2 only accounted for 45% of its business. This has led some analysts to suggest that American audiences are rejecting 3D. 

A factor in the diminishing 3D returns is attributed to high 3D ticket costs. Another reason is that lesser quality films than Avatar and Alice in Wonderland are trying to milk 3D, to the format’s detriment.


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