Masters & Savant animate Snap, Crackle & Pop


Masters & Savant Worldwide recently finished animating beloved breakfast cereal characters Snap, Crackle and Pop for a new Kellogg’s Rice Krispies commercial for JWT, Johannesburg.

The commercial, which aims to give mothers creative ways to spend more time with their children, involved Snap, Crackle & Pop coming alive and becoming actors using the cereal box as a stage. A competition element was added where children were encouraged to “Create A Play To Make Mom’s Day’ with the winning play being produced with real actors and flighted on TV.

For Ronnie Malden, Creative Director for JWT Johannesburg, Masters & Savant Worldwide were, “the best people for the job who did the best job’ when it came to the pitching process.

“They were so keen and came to us with such a fantastic treatment, so when we started we were already ahead of ourselves.’ says Malden. “Despite the fact that the characters had to have a 2D look, they were designed in 3D which made them flexible and able to perform, which must have been so laborious to do, but this attention to detail really showed. They did a stunning job.’

Roger Smythe, Masters & Savant Worldwide’s Johannesburg MD adds, “When you are dealing with such well-known and loved characters like Snap, Crackle and Pop there is a great responsibility to get it right in the eyes of the consumer. We are extremely pleased with the outcome.’


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