Eye on Films calls for entries


The Eye on Films project is calling for entries of recent works (completed after 31 October 2010) from first time directors and preferably never screened outside their country of origin.

Developed by Wide Management, Eye on Films is a unique, global network of film professionals, which guarantees the circulation of a selection of first feature films in festival partners in Europe and third countries, and the commercial exploitation of these films by distribution partners in Europe and third countries.

Eye on Films creates a network of film professionals (distributors and festivals directors), which will select, under the framework of a specific Label, first feature films, 50% produced in Europe and 50% produced outside Europe. In the first year, around 12 first films (feature and docs), will constitute the Eye on Films Label, chosen and selected by the members of the network, ie by the distributors and festival partners.

The films of the Label will be screened in each festival partner, worldwide. The festival partner will have the opportunity to select among the 12 films of the Label a limited number of titles to be screened in the festival. However, the festival partners must strictly comply with the rule of 50% European films vs. 50% non-European films. In each country where Eye on Films has a festival partner, it also has a distribution partner. The distribution partner will have the opportunity to preview the films in early stage; he will acquire at least two films of the Label for theatrical release in his domestic market (50% European, 50% non-European) each year.

In addition, Eye on Films will make a special effort to increase the promotion for the films of the Label everywhere in the world, both classically (flyers, adds etc) and online (community-based website, Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, etc.)

Regulations and Entry Form for submitting films are available on www.eyeonfilms.org/eof-submission-2011

The selection process is carried out through Cinando’s Online Screening Room (www.cinando.com)

Rights Holders are requested to upload their Film on Cinando and then notify submission@eyeonfilms.org by sending the Entry Form.


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