Call for African Music films


The African Music Film Programme calls for African music films, clips and videos as a complementary programme to the live performances of the main stage for the Sauti za Busara 2012 festival in Zanzibar.

Last year saw the Old Fort’s seated amphitheatre transformed into a cinema space where festival goers gathered to see seven feature length African music documentaries and a rich compilation of music videos from around the African continent over a period of four nights

Sauti za Busara 2012 is looking for feature length films together with a variety of stimulating and entertaining shorts from around the African continent. These can be music clips and videos, recorded concerts, music documentaries or more experimental films.

Organisers are lprimarily looking for:

◦Films that tell a story about music and musicians from the African Continent and diaspora

◦Music films that are of exceptional interest to all audiences (local, international, regional, etc)

◦Music films that represent the wealth and diversity of music from East Africa and beyond

◦Music films with great visuals, quality sound and music that is firmly rooted in Africa

◦Music films that tell of new and unheard of sounds as well as established artists

◦Foreign language films should ideally be subtitled in Kiswahili and/or English

Applications can only be considered if organisers receive a completed application including two copies of the film by 30 Sept 2011. All applicants will be notified of the selection committee decision by email during November.

Apply online on


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