TV advertising is going to the dogs


Feelgoodfilms recently made a payment to a Johannesburg couple for the use of their
property in an ad filmed by industry veteran, Jeremy Goodall. However, this couple broke
the mould by donating every cent to animal shelters.

“I received an email with proof of payments to five different animal shelters, stating that
the charities had not been expecting the windfall and that the couple had decided that they
would rather pass the money on to animals in need,’ says Liza Goodall, producer at
Feelgoodfilms. “I was so surprised and touched that in today’s greedy and needy society,
there are still people who put others first. Often people talk the talk but rarely ever act and
this was a reminder that there are still good people out there. It really lends to everything
that we, as a company, stand for.’

Goodall doesn’t just talk the talk either – Feelgoodfilms recently donated money to charity
rather than spending it on corporate gifts.

Although the financial problems of these animal shelters are far from over, this story is
about more than that. It’s about individuals who simply gave up what they could have
easily kept for themselves. It’s about selflessness and kindness and those two qualities
reveal the gentler and often forgotten side of humanity. It’s about paying it forward and
getting a little something in return: that feel good sensation.


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