Broadband access for all


A new Broadband Commission report focuses on bringing high-speed connectivity to world’s poorest communities and looks at how the “mobile miracle’ can be replicated to extend broadband access to all.

Titled: Broadband: A Platform for Progress, the report is available for download at It was prepared by the Broadband Commission for Digital Development and led by the International Telecommunications Union (ITU) and UNESCO.

The report shows how broadband is today’s transformational technology. By revolutionising access to content and changing the delivery paradigms for a whole host of public and private sector services, it is becoming essential basic infrastructure for every country’s future development. Yet for the moment, access to high-speed Internet is very much a rich-world privilege.

To truly harness the power of information and communication technologies to create tomorrow’s Knowledge Societies and meet the Millennium Development Goals, new approaches to driving broadband roll-out across economic barriers are urgently needed. This report looks at what broadband can bring, the state of deployment around the world, and innovative models that can help bring high-speed connectivity to the world’s poorest communities.


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