2nd Durban FilmMart, South Africa 22 -25 July 2011


Delegation registration is open for the 2nd Durban FilmMart which takes place during the
32nd Durban International Film Festival (21 – 31 July). The 2nd edition of the Durban
FilmMart received a large selection of exciting projects submitted from all over Africa.
The twenty feature fiction and documentary projects selected for Durban FilmMart’s
Finance Forum have roots in Algeria, Cameroon, Egypt, Kenya, Morocco, Nigeria,
Rwanda, South Africa and Tunisa.

Feature Film Projects:

Hossam Elouans and Ibrahim EI Batout
(Ein Shams Films)
Ali, the Goat and Ibrahim
Ali Mea’za

Hossam Elouans is a film scholar, screenwriter, documentary researcher and
independent film producer in Cairo (Egypt). Hawi, the third independent feature by
director Ibrahim EI Batout , participated in the Durban FilmMart 2010, and received
completion support from Hubert Bals Fund (Netherlands), Doha Film Institute (Qatar)
and Aroma Film Labs (Egypt). The film will screen at DIFF 2011
Ali, the Goat and Ibrahim, both living in the historical neighborhood of Al Darb al-Ahmar
in Cairo, were labeled “weirdos’ for very different but equally interesting reasons. Both
Ali and Ibrahim’s paths cross and they embark on a journey that will change their lives.

David Max Brown and Kyle Lewis
(MAXI-D Productions)
This Boy

David Max Brown has been producing quality award winning films in drama and
documentary for over twenty years. He began his visual career in 1983 as a
photographer with the ANC in Tanzania and later studied film in Canada. Kyle Lewis is
the film’s director and writer.

Four boys in a friendship sealed with blood have the gallows as their destiny. This Boy is
the true story of the one who wanted to live. Abraham’s mother, who is a dedicated
Christian with a gift of prophecy, professes that he will one day end up on the gallows.
And so it comes to pass that Abraham is arrested with several of his friends on a charge
of murder.

Ihab Ayoub and Ayten Amin
(Collage Film Productions)
69 Messaha Square
69 Midane el messaha

Founding member of Collage Film Productions, Ihab Ayoub (Producer), worked before
with the some of the most respectable production companies in Egypt and The Middle

69 Messaha square is a human comedy about facing death. The film is different from
the mainstream commercial comedies in Egypt which depend mainly on verbal
contradictions without artistic depth. Dealing with death in a comic vein is something
very personal and this film throws a light on the declining current social and cultural
conditions in contemporary Egypt.

Bridget Pickering and Elan Gamaker
(Fireworx Media)
Lock Yourself In

Bridget Pickering was the South African co-producer on Hotel Rwanda, the Terry George
Oscar nominated feature film. She started her film career as a Casting Associate with
Bonnie Timmermann at Universal Pictures in New York on films such as The Last of the
Mohicans and Glengarry Glen Ross and is now an industry veteran who has produced
and directed over 20 films.

Elan Gamaker is a writer/director based in Cape Town, South Africa and Amsterdam, the

Lock Yourself In South Africa, 1986. A national state of emergency has just been
declared. Life on the streets of the city has just gone from bad to extremely dangerous.
Patience Dumisa (29) must stand in as babysitter at the home of her mother’s
employers, the Willow family. This film stands as an allegory for what the country once
was and what it’s becoming again.

James Tayler and Donald Mugisha
Boda Boda Thieves

James Tayler produced the Yes! That’s Us films Divizionz (2008) and Yogera (2010) and
it’s companion research documentary Silent City (2010). The association and friendship
between James Tayler and Donald Mugisha dates back to 2004 when they met at the
Sithengi Talent Campus. James Tayler worked in television as editor, DP and director
prior to turning his focus to features and their production.

Co-producer and writer, Donald Mugisha is a founder member of the Yes!That’s Us
collective and also heads up Deddac (Uganda), a production company in its 10th year of

In Boda Boda Thieves, a man and his son search Kampala city for their stolen motorbike
and in the process gain insight into urban Africa, the Kampala underworld and the
generation gap between urban migrants and their first generation children.

Veronique Doumbe
(Ndolo Films)
Robin of the Web
Robin du We

Veronique N. Doumbe was born in France and raised in Cameroon, France and Ivory
Coast. She develops projects through her production company Ndolo Films, LLC. She
received her Licence en Droit, in Law, at the University of Paris X, Nanterre in France
before moving to New York City in 1981. Some of her short films include the The
Birthday Party, and Luggage. Denis A Charles: an interrupted conversation was her
lauded first feature length documentary.

Have you ever received an email informing you that you’ve just won an enormous sum
of money?

Robin of the Web is set in a fictional neighborhood called Quartier Soleil in a large city in

Robin our main character, like a growing number of disenfranchised youngsters, has
taken to the internet to create havoc. This movie is to shed light on the lives of people
on the other side of mailing game.

Joel Karekezi
(Karekezi Film Production)
The Pardon

Joel Karekezi, in 2008 got a Diploma certificate in film directing (CINECOURS from
Quebec in Canada). In 2009 he attended Maisha film lab in screenwriting and after the
course he directed his short film The Pardon, which won The Golden Impala Award at
Amakula Film Festival in Uganda. It screened at Kenya International Film Festival in 2009
and at Zanzibar International Film Festival, Durban International Film Festival, Images
that Matter Short Film Festival in Ethiopia, and Silicon Valley African Film Festival in
California in 2010.

Imbabazi is the heart- wrenching story of two best friends who fall on opposite sides of
the Rwandan Genocide. Fifteen years later, when Manzi is released from prison for his
role in the killings, Karemera sets out to avenge the murder of his family. Will Manzi’s
guilt destroy him, or lead to acts of redemption to educate the next generation about
his mistakes?

Atieno Odenyo and Phillippe Ndisi-Herrmann
Two Princes

Atieno has produced one short documentary on a girls’ soccer initiative in Korogocho, a
low income area in Nairobi. She has also been involved at various stages on other
documentary projects (research, interviews, editing) mostly concerning human rights
violations in Kenya.

Philippa is a photographer and filmmaker, and an African, she has lived in the
Netherlands, France, Ethiopia, Kenya and South Africa. Currently based in her home
town of Nairobi, Kenya she re-drafting her first feature screenplay, Two Princes.
In a patriarchal society, what would it be like for a woman to return to her husband,
after she had left him for another man?

Appie Matere and Ekwa Msangi-Omar
(Tick Ads)
Children of the Sand

From producing TV commercials Appie Matere went on to produce her first short film-
Killer Necklace for MNET in 2009. Ekwa Msangi-Omari (writer/director/producer) has
directed for some of the biggest TV shows in East Africa including The Agency (MNET),a
13-part TV series.

Children of the Sand’s Guma is a 19 year old boy who has found a way to survive. He
has created a colony where he has cajoled orphaned children to work in mining for
water – the most desired resource in the world. They are known as the Sand Rats.

Guillaume de Seille and Lassaad Dkhili
(Arizona Films)
Midnight Dogs.

Entre Chiens et loups
Guillaume de Seille’ Paris based, Arizona Films produces art-house feature films, directed
by non-French emerging talents.

A teacher for young filmmakers in Nantes, France, Lassaad Dkhili also works on stage
theater plays. Midnight Dogs is his first feature film. Midnight Dogs, a thriller-like film,
violent but human, that takes place in the outskirts of Tunis during a rainy, foggy and
cold winter. The film explores a world made up of the dregs of society, thieves and
marginal idealists.


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