It’s all in the words


Just four words, performances spiked with attitude and fast-paced, in-your-face story-telling make the latest television commercial from Vodacom one that grabs viewers’ attention … and keeps it.

The ad is for the revolutionary pre-authorised, Airtime Advance, a service which makes it possible for prepaid customers to use mobile voice and data services when they run out of airtime. The only words in the script – “Warra Warra What What’ – are delivered with such passion the creative director responsible for the ad, Draftfcb Johannesburg’s Gareth Paul, is certain they’ll become South African-speak, just like “Yebo Gogo’ did.

“Thanks to a distinctly left-field concept, a busty storyboard and a gutsy, contemporary interpretation by Humanoid director, Gary Rom, this ad oozes as much attitude as its key performer, a small-town but sassy hairdresser seeking fame and fortune with a big-time talent agency,’ said Paul.

“However, at the same time as it tickles the viewer’s funny bone, it conveys a very serious message: that is, Vodacom really does “bring power to you’. You see, she’s a find in a million and excitement mounts as “she’ is “taken’ from one executive to the next, and finally to Mr Big.

“Unfortunately, just as she is about to seal the deal, she runs out of airtime. Fortunately, she has the power of Vodacom on her side in Airtime Advance, which gives her the moolah to make the final call and launch herself into show biz, Oprah-style! Let the games begin!’

Paul worked closely with Draftfcb South Africa Group Chief Creative Officer Brett Morris, Strategist Callie Widd, Account Director Caroline Franklin and Agency Producer Sonja Reichwein. 

Breaking on all major television stations in South Africa on 29 May, it is part of a 360° campaign, according to Draftfcb Johannesburg Executive Business Director, Romaine Mackenzie. This features radio, outdoor, print and online elements.


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