WOWtv back in play


Coming fairly hot on the heels of the news of VOD:TV, the new video on demand service to be launched in South Africa this year, TechCentral reports that Walking on Water Television (WOWtv), which was one of four new companies, along with TopTV owner On Digital Media, to be awarded a commercial subscription TV licence way back in 2007, has announced that its service is finally imminent. The reason for the long delay is attributed to sourcing the funding needed to launch a multi-channel service.

As per its website WOWtv “is a broadcaster that will entertain whilst reconstructing the values of our subscribers through Christian based television programs from different genres’. It aims to offer “uninterrupted and uncontaminated programming that addresses people’s emotional, psychological, economical, social and spiritual needs through entertainment’. Genres include comedies, movies, kids shows, youth programmes, documentaries, talk shows, reality shows, game shows and lifestyle shows.

As per the conditions of its licence issued by the Independent Communications Authority of South Africa (ICASA), WowTV has until March 2012 to launch its service. The company has not yet set a launch date or revealed details of its funding sources.


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