ICT training centre in Impendle


In commemoration of the World Telecommunications and Information Society Day, South Africa’s Minister of Communications, Radhakrishna (Roy) Padayachie, will on 12 May launch an ICT Training Centre that will boost the economy of the community in KwaZulu-Natal.

The launch will bring about a renewed confidence in government and its mandate for service delivery and job creation. About 50 people from the community will be recruited for training on ICT products and services and will in turn train and serve the members of the community. The group to be recruited will comprise women and men with ages ranging from 18 – 35 including those with disabilities

The centre will generate cash for the community and encourage the usage and uptake of ICTs for social and economic development. It will offer an Internet cafe, telephones, photocopying and binding services, faxing, videography and photography training and services. The Department will train the members for 12 months and then hand over the centre to the community for generation of cash and sustainability of the centre.


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