It’s a Riot


Riot Post Production, a commercial editing company based in Bryanston and operating
since 2004, offers two off-line edit suites with Mac computers running Avid and Final Cut
Pro. Their core business is commercials and at the end of last year they worked on the
Trevor Noah Cell C campaign.

Says editor Kate Gross: “That campaign kept us busy but we also loved working on the
Tracker Memories TV commercial, which has received a lot of attention. But most
importantly, we have worked with super talented editors and directors.’

According to Gross business has been slow over the past year, which has meant the
traditional role of the off-line post house has become more focused on the creativity and
skill of the off-line editor.

“We have not done as much international work as we usually do,’ continues Gross, “but
we did do off-line edits for Pepsi with Filmworks Dubai and Samsung with Kojak Films. It
has always been difficult to keep the video finish of international commercials in South
Africa, as overseas directors and agencies are usually eager to get back home.

“Budgets for post have certainly shrunk. We often quote for off-line edit and online
supervision only, instead of the traditional quote which includes facility costs. I also think
there’s even more competition than usual as rates are cut even further. We’re all trying
to get a piece of the same small pie.’


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