Superhero drama on SABC3


As from 20 April in the 7.30pm slot, SABC3 will broadcast The Cape, an American superhero drama set in Palm City, California.

Australian actor David Lyons plays the lead role of Vince Faraday, an honest detective who decides to leave the police force after he witnesses the murder of a new police chief by a mysterious individual known as “Chess”. Faraday accepts an offer to work for a private security firm named ARK, owned and operated by billionaire entrepreneur Peter Fleming. ARK is petitioning Palm City to privatise the police and public safety operations.

An email from an investigative blogger known only as “Orwell” leads Faraday and his partner, Marty Voyt, to a cargo train owned by Fleming’s firm. They discover the train is smuggling implosive WMDs inside children’s toys. Unfortunately, Voyt set up Faraday and delivers him to “Chess”, who is Fleming the CEO of ARK.

Fleming frames Faraday for the police chief’s murder and sends his security team after Faraday (televised by News channels) ending with a tanker explosion.

The entire city (including Faraday’s family) now believes Faraday is “Chess” and has perished in the explosion. Faraday is abducted, but then becomes accepted, by “The Carnival of Crime”, a traveling circus turned bank robbery ring. Their ring leader, Max Malini, trains Faraday to use a special black cape for defense against his intended foes. Max convinces Faraday to not reveal his identity, as this would endanger his wife and son. He then decides to fight Palm City’s corruption and clear his name by adopting the visage of his son’s comic book hero, The Cape.

Now, inspired by his son’s favorite comic book hero, he’s taking the law into his own hands, and playing a deadly game of chess with the powerful kingpin who framed him. With the hope of one day reuniting with his family, The Cape is sending loud messages to all criminals… run

David Lyons is best known for his role as Leading Seaman Josh Holiday on the Australian drama Sea Patrol and as Dr Simon Brenner on the long-running NBC medical series ER.

Others in the cast include Keith David, Summer Glau, James Frain, Jennifer Ferrin, Ryan Wynott, Anil Kumar, and former English footballer, Vinnie Jones.


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