Promoting positive images of Africa


Botswana filmmaker Billy Kokorwe is to promote positive African images in western media at the premier international television content markets MIPDOC and MIPTV in Cannes, France, which take place in the first week of April.

Some of Kokorwe’s documentaries will be showcased through Heritage Media House, the newly established venture between himself and London based British national, Dominic J Savage.

As part of Kokorwe’s campaign to convince the world’s media to show more of the positive side of Africa as opposed to the constant doom and gloom, images of war, starving children, oppressive governments and general despair, he will use the events’ conferences and networking opportunities to communicate the need for western media and broadcasters to buy into the idea of giving Africa a balanced, all encompassing, factual and positive image. This will go a long way towards promoting accurate knowledge and understanding of the continent.

At MIPDOC, which is sponsored by Al Jazeera Documentary Channel, he will attend sessions on how to pitch led by panelists from National Geographic Channel, BBC Television, Channel 4 and other prominent channels. Match-making events will feature powerful commissioning editors from the same channels as well as SVT, TRS, BBC news and current affairs, Danish Broadcasting Corporation and YLE TV.

Kokorwe has produced and directed several positive African television documentary films including:

– “The Story of Sir Seretse and Lady Khama’, which is currently in revision to include more interviews and some shelved, never-seen-before footage of Lady Khama, commenting on her husband’s vision for Botswana, family life and her thoughts about her son and current president of Botswana, LFT General Seretse Khama Ian Khama’s entry into politics.

– “Thabo Mbeki’s African Renaissance’ about the former South African president’s vision for the whole of Africa and featuring an extensive one-on-one interview with Kokorwe.

 – “Legacy of Life’ biography of Lady Khama’, which is also currently being re-edited to include more of her shelved exclusive and insightful interview

– and the recently launched ” The African Democrat’ about Sir Ketumile Masire, which will be featured on the MIPdoc catalogue and contains Kokorwe’s riveting interviews with former United Nations Secretary General, Kofi Annan, former British Prime minister, Tony Blair and former South African president and Nobel peace prize laureate, FW De Klerk among other high profile contributors

Following MIPDOC / MIPTV Kokorwe will screen some of his films to broadcasters in London where he will continue his campaign, which is not only about his films but all positive films on Africa. The campaign aims to forge links with relevant stakeholders and a new website will also focus on this cause. Kokorwe will then embark on a world tour consulting with relevant organisations, broadcasters and influential political leaders to further advance the campaign.


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