Parliamentary update


The SOS: Support Public Broadcasting coalition reports that the Department of Communications will present their strategic plan to Parliament this Friday, 11 March. SOS expects to get some input from this session on when the broadcasting review process will be taking place.

According to SOS, the SABC will only present its strategic plan in the next parliamentary session, which is after the Easter break. During this parliamentary session there will be two regional oversight visits of the SABC’s offices in Eastern Cape and KZN.

Says SOS’ Kate Skinner: “A number of members have been asking about the SABC’s editorial policies. There should have been a major public process around this last year. One of the problems has probably been the fact that the sub-committee on News doesn’t have a chair. The previous chair of the sub-committee was Felleng Sekha, who resigned last year. Hopefully this position will be filled as soon as possible and the process around the editorial policies will be kick-started.’


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