HIV / Aids film fest


The Red Ribbon International Film Festival 2011 (RRIFF), which takes place from 29 November to 1December (World AIDS Day), is inviting filmmakers to submit documentary and fictional entries of any length in the following HIV / Aids categories.

1. Prevention
2. Stigmatisation
3. Management  / Treatment
4. HIV and AIDS affected persons
5. HIV and AIDS infected persons
6. HIV and TB co-infections

RIFF recognises that new and effective audio-visual tools are needed in Ghana and on the African continent in the fight to drastically reduce the HIV/Aids pandemic and its negative effects.

Entries for RIFF 2011 must either be in English or have English sub-titles. This is a competitive festival with the following awards for filmmakers:
·        Best Feature
·        Best Short
·        Best Documentary Short
·        Best Documentary Feature
·        Best Student Film
·        Best Producer
·        Best Director

ENTRIES: Entry of recent work (2009-2011) is free. Following the selection process, RRIFF applicants will be notified by 15 November if their entries have been selected for the RRIFF programme. Unsuccessful entrants will not be informed.

To enter, please mail two DVDs and a press kit (including Director’s biography, contact information of Director and Producer,  technical and artistic information, 80-150 word synopsis in English, photographs, poster(s),  press articles, etc.) by 15 August 2011 to:

25 First Osu Lane, Nyaneba Estate Osu
P.O.BOX  KU 267
Winneba, Ghana

An exhibition venue with booths for hire is available for pharmaceutical and other companies, institutional, and non-profit organisations, that work on HIV / Aids and TB issues. To apply for a booth please mail us at the above address or contact us by telephone and email in Ghana:

Tel: (+233) -302-998-525
Tel: (+233) -278-064-302

The following RRIFF Honours categories will be assigned:

·        Best caring brand (Corporate sponsor)
·        Organisation of the year (International stakeholder)
·        Organisation of the year (African stakeholder)
·        Man of the year (Stakeholder)
·        Woman of the year (Stakeholder), and
·        Goodwill ambassadors (Individuals-Local/ International).

RRIFF is in need of financial sponsors. It has designed sponsorship packages but these can be customised to meet specific marketing and community business objectives. In this regard, contact Ms. Susan Agugoesi or

Tel: (+233) 302948525.
The RRIFF 2011 website which will serve as one stop portal for information is currently under construction. RRIFF supporters on the African continent who can be contacted if necessary, are:

RRIFF, South Africa : Jill Kruger Research & Film Production
P.O. Box 1614, Ifafi 0260
North West Province, South Africa
Tel: +27 (0)84 4222 439

RRIFF, Kenya : c/o Help Eradicate Poverty & AIDS
P.O. Box 11850-00100
Nairobi, Kenya

RRIFF, Cameroon : Dickson Njoke
Douala – Cameroon
Tel: +237-70 18 06 94


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