SABC denies firing senior managers


In response to last week’s media reports that public broadcaster SABC was on a mission to cut its complement of senior managers by nearly half, the following statement has been released:

“The South African Broadcasting Corporation (SABC) has noted with regret the false media reports around the alleged firing of some senior managers. The SABC would like to put it on record that the reports are not true.

“The articles in various newspapers, created a false impression that people were being fired, whilst in actual fact, the respective contracts had or were coming to an end.

“In the case of Mr Ray Nkwe, his contract came to an end, and Mr Nkwe took the decision to pursue his business interests. Another example is Mr Ron Morobe, who left the corporation as he was due to go on retirement.

“In other cases, certain high level posts have been made redundant, as the desired outcome would be achieved, by realigning the work to other managers in the corporation at lower cost.

“The SABC urges all members of the media to refrain from making false statements and misleading the public, especially when the SABC has provided the information, and yet an attempt is still made to make a story controversial and scandalous.’


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