Capture your day for good of world


On 11 November 2011 (11/11/11), people all over the world who have access to a film/video camera (or any recording device) will be invited to capture this day in their lives. This footage will then be used for: 

                   •                  a two hour cinematic documentary 

                   •                  a photographic book 

                   •                  a world music album.

11/11/11 is a not for profit venture. Its aims are to raise money for organisations supporting the Millennium Development Goals (Help end Poverty/Hunger, Universal Education, Health, Combat Disease, Environmental Sustainability & Global Partnership). Among its other objectives are to bring people from all around the world together through film, music and art and to create a network of filmmakers, photographers and musicians who can collaborate and learn from one another.

If you would like to become involved in the 11/11/11 project, you can visit: for more information.

So far project has commitment from over 48 countries and 42 universities/film schools/ companies participating. Partners include New York Video School, London Academy of Media Film & TV, and International Film School, Sydney Australia. 

Please visit the preview/ introduction of the 11/11/11 project at:


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