Loeries annual out


A solid testimony to the best of brand communication in South Africa, Africa and the Middle East, , the 32nd Loeries annual (and industry handbook) showcases all the Loerie Awards 2010 winners, from Grand Prix to Crafts, as well as the special awards received during the ceremonies in Cape Town.

Designed by Grid Worldwide Branding, the annual contains an extensive index of the winning agencies, brands, production companies and individual creative credits, so readers can search easily to find the best talent across a multitude of disciplines. A set of DVDs is also included, showcasing all the electronic media, including Television and Film, Radio, Digital, Live Events and Experiential winners.

This year the Loeries annual has taken on a new look and feel, designed to integrate with the Lories corporate identity rather than follow on from the 2010 Loeries ad campaign.

The Loeries Official Ranking tables have been included in the annual and include the top 10 brands, agencies and production companies, as well as a breakdown by category and size. New in the book are the individual creative rankings, such as executive creative directors, copywriters, designers and photographers – all contributing to making this annual an essential tool for anyone involved in the brand communication industry.

As per the Loeries committee, the ranking tables – company and individual – may NOT be published. The ranking tables may be referred to in publications but the actual results can only be offered in the Loeries annual.

The 32nd Loeries annual can be purchased for R550 (excl. vat) at selected Exclusive Books stores, from Pulp Books (www.pulpbooks.co.za) or via the Loeries online store (www.theloerieawards.co.za )


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