How to enter videos into Cannes Lions


Cinemark, the local representatives of Cannes Lions and its affiliates, has issued the following information on entering videos into this year’s Cannes Lions International Advertising Festival.

“Tips on How to Enter Videos” by past and present jury presidents and jury members can be accessed on Some of the videos are specific to entry categories, others are on how to enter in general and some are in a particular language with English subtitles.

The videos are available for download from the Representatives Portal  which enables you to feature them on your own websites or use them in any Call for Entries marketing. You will find them in the “Cannes Lions/Tips from the Jury Rooms’ section.

The clips are as listed below.  Please note that those marked with * will be uploaded shortly. All the videos will be available by the end of next week:

Lars Bastholm:  Cyber Lions
Graham Bednash:  Media Lions / General *
Luciano Deos:  Design Lions / Portuguese
Laura Desmond:  Media Lions*
Tay Guan Hin:  Print/Outdoor Lions
Kentaro Kimura Toshiya Kono &:  General / Japanese
Jens Mortier:  Titanium Lions*
Sergio Muller:  General / Italian*
Bill Rosen:  Promo & Activation Lions *
David Sable:  General
Paul Taaffe:  PR Lions
Sergio Valente:  General / Portuguese
Fernando Vega Olmos:  General / Spanish*


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