Hollywood was no holiday


Cape Town director of photography, Roy Zetisky has just completed filming a half hour action film for LA director Alano Massi, starring Edward Furlong (John Connor in Terminator) , Bokeem Woodbine (City of Angels; The Rock; Devil-2010) and Rene Moran and featuring other LA based actors like Leandra Terrazzano, Matthew Jordan and Emma Cameron.

Zetisky went to California for a two-month vacation and while there was put forward for a job by LA gear house 4K RED Rentals who he had worked with on a feature film in Maui last year. After the producer and director had seen Zetisky’s work, amongst other DoPs, they selected him for the project.

“Filming in Los Angeles with a superb crew, a strong performance driven director and a wonderfully talented cast was a great experience,’ says Zetisky. “I hope to do a lot more work in LA in the future. I am, however, looking forward to returning to Cape Town in October, for the summer season.’

The film License to Reproduce follows the lives of two agents and highlights major social issues in today’s society. The screenplay is packed with powerful messages and is targeted at the film festival circuit. To see more behind the scenes pics go to: http://www.facebook.com/album.php?aid=251161&id=742210428&l=e8c9dc4a2f

LA director Alano Massi comments: “Working with Roy was something that became a key element in the making of my film, License to Reproduce.  As each shot was set up to perfection, I found myself learning more from Roy than I have from most others on the other shoots I have directed in my young career.  It was a privilege to have him lead the camera team, and I hope to work with him again in the near future.’

This film was shot on Zetisky’s “favorite toy’ the RED camera, which he also used for his Best Cinematographer Vuka! Award for the Diamond Council’s “Conflict Diamond’ commercial, for director Grant de Sousa. It is also a Loerie Award finalist this year.  

“I love to explore the potential of this camera in achieving different looks for each film I shoot. The new Mysterium X chip that some of the RED cameras are being upgraded with, also opens huge new potential in latitude and is especially good for night shots. It’s a great camera for both commercials and feature films and I have only had good experiences with it.’

Roy also used the RED to shoot the black and white teaser for his feature film A Tin of Paint, produced by Moonlighting Films. The teaser which is currently being used to raise finance for the feature, can be viewed at www.atinofpaint.com or at www.pistoleros.co.za


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