India – A Love Story’ premieres in Cape Verde


TCV (Cape Verde Television), part of the RTC group, will televise India – A Love Story, produced by TV Globo on 27 September.  Written by Gloria Perez and a winner of the International Emmy Award 2009, India – A Love Story, will premiere on the programming schedule.

India – A Love Story had an investment of more than US$50 million which included 40 days of recording in India and Dubai with the cast and production team. Three scenographic cities were constructed at Central Globo de Produçao (Projac) in Rio de Janeiro which were spread over 10,000 m2. The art direction team reproduced 42 typical stores, a temple in homage of the Hindu God Shiva and a part of the Ganges River with its stair cases, all in Brazil.

A technology called “back lot’, a type of chroma key with more depth, helped in giving the impression that the scenes took place in different locations and moments.

The telenovela deals with the differences between the Brazilian and Indian cultures and shows that love can surpass any obstacle. The cast includes such names as Julian Paes (The Favorite), Rodrigo Lombardi (Forbidden Desire), Cleo Pires (America), Vera Fischer (Two Faces), as well as internationally recognized stars such as Tony Ramos (Family Ties) and Lima Duarte (Shades of Sin). 


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