3D-TV not a big attraction for viewers


Chase Carey president, deputy chairman and COO of News Corp told a Hollywood audience last week that he is not “buying’ that the entry of 3D into the home is “the second coming of HD’ or that it will have the speed of adoption that HD had.

Carey’s  prediction is that 3D-TV will only occupy a niche role in the future home-entertainment landscape and will be confined primarily to sports and movies. “I don’t think you’ll pop home and watch 8 o’clock TV with 3D glasses on. The (adoption) will be somewhat different than HD. That was a situation where, if you had two other networks doing it, you didn’t want to be left out.’

Carey was more bullish on Apple’s iPad, calling it the first mobile device to effectively channel traditional media. “It makes a book feel like a book, and a TV show feel like a TV show,’ Carey said.


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