David Home Cockburn


Born 19 August 1951
Died 31 August 2010

Dave (or Stickie or even KC!) was born in Zimbabwe and educated there at Prince Edward school. He moved to South Africa in 1982. He began working at Video RSA in the same year and moved with the company when it became Toron Television and finally ZSE TV.

Dave was an on line editor with flair and a commitment and worked on many programmes and commercials. He was popular with clients and colleagues alike, and I was privileged to work with him for many years.

He was of gentle nature, always willing to help and had many friends within the industry.
Dave had several hobbies. He loved fishing, camping, gardening, creating bonsai’s and repairing old clocks. He will be sadly missed by his many colleagues and friends.

Go well Dave

Andy Stead


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