Schools catch up on radio


Public broadcaster SABC has launched the Radio Schools Catch-up Campaign to reignite the school spirit amongst South African Matriculants and to assist them in their preparation for their upcoming examinations. 

Learners and teachers will have an opportunity to engage on live radio learning class. The format of the radio learning programme will consist of 45 minutes slots across all the SABC public service stations. Daily subjects include Accounting, Mathematics, Science, Business Studies, English, Economics, and Agricultural Sciences.

Lessons in the different subjects will rotate on each of the SABC PBS Stations over a seven-day period.  Times scheduled will be outside of the school timetable – around early evenings and the programmes will be available in all 11 official languages.

This campaign is endorsed by the SABC, SABC Education and the Department of Education. The SABC’s partnership with the Department entails the identification of educators who are specialists in those critical subjects to conduct on air lessons through PBS Radio Stations.

The project is underpinned by the fundamental values of national reconstruction and development, intended to transform society in the interest of all and enabling the social, cultural, economic and political empowerment of all citizens. It falls on the back of the 1Goal campaign which makes a commitment to: Education for All.

These pre selected teachers will:
Target what is deemed the most difficult areas of various subjects as per knowledge drawn from marking centers and tackle them on live air.
– Tackle possible exam questions derived from previous question papers.
– Tackle exemplar questions found on the DET website
– Take calls from learners and respond to possible questions

Learners and teachers alike will have the opportunity to call in ask questions pertaining to the subject of the day.

The PBS Radio stations that will participating in the campaign:
1.      Munghana Lonene
2.      Phalaphala
3.      Thobela
4.      Ikwekwezi
5.      Ukhozi
6.      Lotus
7.      Ligwalagwala
8.      Motsweding
9.      RSG
10.    X-k FM
11.    Lesedi
12.    Radio 2000
13.    TruFM
14.    Umhlobo Wenene


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