New series examines SA’s religious landscape


An introduction to the roots of a particular traditions and the way the faith paradigm is experienced in South Africa forms the basis of SABC1’s new six-part series, Religions of South Africa. Starting on Tuesday, 13 July at 9pm, viewers will be exposed to the rich fabric of religious discourse in the country and will be familiarised with the variety of religious traditions that function in contemporary South Africa.

When the South African Constitution was adopted, the religious landscape in South Africa changed irrevocably. Religion and state were separated and it was not longer possible to grant any specific religion or denomination preferential treatment as was the case under the previous dispensation. All religions are being treated as equal.

This changed the way in which many religious traditions are viewed and the way in which they function. In a previous dispensation many religions were viewed as “primitive’ and less advanced especially traditional religions. Others were not recognised at all, or were seen deviant forms of acceptable religions.  The new Constitution changed all of that and it gave many religious traditions a new lease on life and a freedom to explore not much that which makes religions different, but what they have in common. 

The series will explore San Religion, African Traditional Religion, Christianity, Paganism, Judaism and Islam, Hinduism, Buddhism, and Western religions (ie. Mormons, Seventh Day Adventists, Scientology, Jehovah’s Witnesses, New Age religions).


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