Music that makes brands dance


The composer of the much talked about Diski Dance song is Alun Richards from Cut & Paste Generation. He is also the song writer responsible for re-working the Impi/Wimpy song that has brought so much attention to the Wimpy brand.

Ke Nako “Africa’s Time Has Come”, the song which wowed the crowds for the opening of the the FIFA 2010 World Cup was also composed by Richards. It was performed by Pebbles Gqunta.

Due to the excitement of these and other songs both composed by Richards and reworked for commercials and the hype around the Diski Dance, Cut & Paste has gone into production on a CD called Diski Dance “Fever Pitch’. It will include a couple of the well know tracks for commercials as well as World Cup inspired songs. The CD will be available through Musica.


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