SA Cinema post 1994


Critical essays, reviews, and comparative analyses of South African films, or of films about South Africa, and/or essays that examine cinema in South Africa since 1994 are being sought by the National Film & Video Foundation (NFVF). This is for an anthology of essays that will focus on local cinema in the country’s democratic era.

The anthology aims to provide fresh perspectives on cinema in South Africa, and an opportunity for a new generation of film scholars in South Africa to publish their work. The NVFV encourages authors to submit essays that are provocative, which launch new inquiries, and/or prompt lively debate. For this reason, we will not consider manuscripts that have been previously published, or which are under review elsewhere. Accepted articles will be subject to peer-review.

Submissions may include articles/essays on film discourse and scholarship, the film industry in South Africa (production, distribution, exhibition, marketing, the post-production, casting agency practices, etc.), film criticism in South Africa, film education and training (film studies and/or film production). Topics may include, but are not limited to, ideological and aesthetic analyses of films, theoretical explorations of film-related issues, questions of representation or of film reception, audiences and exhibition, legislation, institutions and practices (eg. FPB, SAFTA awards, co-production and film offices), animation in SA, “art cinema’ exhibition and consumption, and Bollywood & Nollywood in SA.

Articles/essays should be 4000-5000 words in length and, while exhibiting scholarly rigour, should be written in an accessible style, free of excessive jargon. Authors should employ the Harvard style of referencing.

Interested contributors are requested to submit a 200-300-word expression of interest and/or abstract by June 15th, 2010, by fax or email to:
D. Haseenah Ebrahim, Editor
Fax: 086 553 3704

Manuscripts must be submitted by 15 August 2010


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