Be afraid, be very afraid


The team of composers and employees at Cape Town-based Mama Dance ! Music Library report that their clients complain that they are far too happy and upbeat.

“Editors, audio mix engineers as well as TV, film and ad producers, creatives and directors have told us that our music library is just too happy, upbeat and positive,’ says Craig McGahey.

“Well we have taken their concerns very seriously and have delved deep into the darkness.’ The outcome is a new CD full of horror, drama and suspense, aptly named AFRIGHT!

McGahey warns the CD is strictly for day time listening but perfect for soapies, dramas, action, horror flicks etc.

From horror to hectic is the way Mama Dance! then decide to move their creative spirit. There second release is African Drumthology, full of intense percussion and more.

“The CD is full of crazy live kit drumming overlaid with African Djembes, Nigerian Takadas, Galoba drumming from Benin, Ilo ba drums from Ghana. It’s perfect for
extreme sports, dramas, suspense and action,’ says McGahey..

These two CDs contain 65 music cuts.

A third offering from Mama Dance! is Easy Folk Pickings with music inspired by the tip of Africa. It is described as: “A beautiful collection of easy going acoustic guitar based tracks – gentle, sweet, friendly, contemplative and warm. It’s kind of Progressive Unplugged New Country Folk with a subtle hint of Africa.’


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