Screening of football movie Streetball


Streetball, a documentary film following the 2008 / 2009 South African Homeless World Cup Teams, will be screened at the Intimate Theatre, State Theatre Pretoria on Saturday 29 May at 7pm. Tickets for this fundraiser are R75.

Streetball, a touching and unique story of some remarkable young men, is a fast-paced documentary every South African should experience. Former convicts, gangsters, orphans and recovering drug and alcohol addicts who against all odds win the chance to represent their country, South Africa, at the Homeless World Cup finals.

The 80 minute film is a tale of hope. From the streets of the Mother City, 250 athletes tried out for the country’s team but only eight were chosen. After years of neglect, abuse and rejection by society these eight players are recognised for their sporting talent. They grabbed the opportunity to train daily before their departure to Melbourne in 2008.

“This is really an amazing story of beating the odds,’ says Mike Mastrocinque, associate producer of the film, and the operations manager of From Us With Love (FUWL), the PBO that has funded the film. “We first became aware of street soccer and the Homeless World Cup, during the summer of 2007. It was clear that a soccer ball had a huge opportunity to change the lives of people on the street, and we wanted to be part of that change.’

Filmmaker Demetrius Wren joined FUWL in South Africa in February 2008 to photograph and make short documentary videos of their ongoing projects. The president of SA Homeless Street Soccer League, David Abrahams suggested that Wren make a full-length documentary about street soccer. FUWL approved funding for Streetball and work began. The film was made by a very small crew and on an even smaller budget.

“We have a far bigger aim of using Streetball to promote the good that soccer is doing in the country, the hope it is giving people on the street, and the opportunity it can give those who have nothing,’ says Mastrocinque. The funds raised will be used to support and educate those who are part of the team.

The film has a powerful soundtrack, Many South African artists, Uju, The Rudimentals, ETC Crew, Kgafela and Jitsvinger gave their music free of charge for charity. A CD is available.

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For more information on FUWL and the film Streetball visit or For enquiries relating to the film Streetball or the music CD Streetball, please contact Mike Mastrocinque ( on 079 777 5820.


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