Cape Town Film Studios goes green


The Cape Town Film Studios (CTFS) in ensuring the long term sustainability of their facility currently under construction outside Cape Town. With the assistance of Chand Environmental Consultants, CTFS will implement an Environmental Management System (EMS) which will be aligned with ISO 14000 standards. Cape Town Film Studios is the first custom built Hollywood complex of its kind on the African continent.

“The EMS is aimed at minimising the environmental impact during the operational phase by for example, promoting the efficient use of resources such as energy and water, and reducing waste generation.  Attention to the upliftment of the surrounding social environment is also a key aspiration. The EMS will ensure that environmental issues are addressed and managed on a daily basis. To assist in the efficiency of this task, Cape Town Film Studios will be using revolutionary environmental software called EOS (Environmental Operating System), developed by Chand, MEGA, and Intelligent Artefacts,’ says Sadia Chand, MD of Chand Environmental Consultants.

Chand in association with MEGA, have assisted Cape Town Film Studios with identifying key environmental focus areas, and objectives and targets with respect to excelling in their environmental performance on site.  This will be the first film studio in Africa with an EMS in place. The EMS will be fully functional when the facility opens in October 2010.

“With the global move towards sound environmental management and sustainability, coupled with the rise of the “ecorazzi’ in the film industry, it seems fitting  that the Cape Town Film Studios will not only offer state of the art technology, but we hope to do so in an environmentally conscious manner,’ Nico Dekker, CEO of Cape Town Film Studios.


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