Global film project on poverty


Following on from the phenomenal success of the global film project, Why Democracy? STEPS International, the non-profit organisation which produced the series and the STEPS for the Future series of HIV/Aids films in Southern Africa, has launched a new global project on poverty and inequality.

As part of the Why Poverty? project, STEPS International is looking for eight long films and between 20 and 30 short films focusing on solutions to poverty, for global broadcast in January 2012.

STEP International’s South African executive producer Don Edkins formerly launched the Why Poverty? project at the Commonwealth Broadcasting Association (CBA) General Conference in Johannesburg on 20 April.

“The Why Poverty? films will be offered to public broadcasters all over the world and we are requesting submissions for ideas from filmmakers globally,’ said Edkins. “The aim is to start commissioning in June this year. For Why Democracy? we had a total of 27 films and we’re hoping to double that number for Why Poverty? The BBC and DRTV are already on board with the project.

“We want high quality films that will investigate the gap between the rich and the poor, made by local filmmakers in countries across the globe. What we don’t want are films that portray nothing but doom and gloom. We’re looking for solutions to poverty.’

The Why Democracy? series questioned the state of contemporary democracy and was screened by 48 broadcasters around the world and shown at multiple film festivals. An online platform ( allowed people to embark on a global dialogue about democracy. Why Poverty? is designed around the same format.

For more information on the Why Poverty? project e-mail Don Edkins on


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