South African brings iPhone app invention back home


A UK-based South African, Michael Small, who launched an iPhone app that is changing the face of British social networking brought his invention back home.

Launched last week in South Africa, StreetSpark – a social networking and dating app – identifies potential matches and sparks users when they’re nearby. If the spark is ignited the two can chat and flirt over the network, then arrange a place to meet up.

StreetSpark, inspired by movies like Serendipity, goes goes where you go, finding matches for you and “sparking’ you when they’re nearby.

In the UK it’s got thousands of users and creator Michael Small said over 100,000 Sparks have flown across London alone. It was called one of the “key trends in dating’ for 2010 by the Evening Standard.

“I’m really excited to bring StreetSpark to South Africa. South African’s are really enthusaistic when it comes to new technologies and I think they’ll really get into it,’ says Small

Inspired by movies like Serendipity, StreetSpark It works like this. You fill out your profile on the free app, tell StreetSpark the type of person you want to meet and go out. When you walk past a match you both get sparked. It all happens in real-time.

The network searches for matches ranging from “ember’ to “inferno’ and lets you decide if you want to find an “instant spark’, “eternal flame’ or just someone you share common interests with.

If both people “ignite’ they can see each other’s profile and instant message on the network.
You can watch the matchmaking process on


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