Learner challenges


An educational 13-part series, Each One Teach One, that looks at the triangular relationship between learners, parents and educators will air on SABC2 Saturday mornings from 10 April.

The series, produced by Blue Wizard Productions, aims to highlight challenges that learners face and the significance of the support from the family and the school. It also aims to empower parents and educators to understand their children and the demands of their schooling activities, social lives, emotional and personal growth changes and to use this understanding to support them during the senior phase at school.

The programme is firmly grounded in real life situations facing each of the major players, identifying issues and offering solutions to challenges.

Every episode looks at a real life learner in their dilemma and they will narrate how they got to their situation, how they are coping, what challenges they are facing and what support they are receiving from their family, and community.

There will be professional guests, behavioural experts, therapists and psychologists who will offer opinions, interventions and methods for dealing with and identifying challenges and issues.


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