Key animation starts on Florrie’s Dragons in Cape Town


Cape Town-based Clockwork Zoo has started key animation on a series that will be seen on Disney UK later this year. Florrie’s Dragons is a collaboration with one of the UK’s top pre-school content creators: Wish Films. Based on the immensely popular children’s books by show creator and director An Vrombaut, Florrie’s Dragons will be screened on Disney UK later this year.  

Florrie’s Dragons is being produced with the financial support of South Africa’s Department of Trade and Industry (DTI).

“The start of key animation is a momentous occasion for a new series and very exciting to the studio as it proves we can attract high-profile series – even in a global recession. We think that demonstrates the Western Cape and South Africa’s creative and economic attractiveness to international broadcasters,’ says Sean Rogers, managing director and head of animation at Clockwork Zoo. “That Florrie’s Dragons is such a charming series with a unique look and tone makes our jobs even more enjoyable.’
The biggest animation studio in southern Africa, Clockwork Zoo, is the creator of 104 episodes of URBO: The Adventures of Pax Afrika on SABC and has delivered outsource work for Welsh, French and UK companies as well as the South African/ Canadian co-production Caillou with Cookie Jar Entertainment.
Wish has produced some of the UK’s best known children’s shows like The Tweenies, Boo, Fun Song Factory and Jim Jam and Sunny. The company, run by Will Brenton and Helen Cadwallader, have had six BAFTA nominations and produced more than a thousand episodes across their various shows.

The show has been developed by Wish in conjunction with An Vrombaut, building upon the lovely setting of the books, and introducing a range of brand new Dragon Characters. Clockwork Zoo and Wish were introduced to each other by Karina Stanford Smith, director of Easypeasy Productions and now producer on the show.

The series brings life to the 2 Dear Dragon books about Princess Florrie who lives in a castle with her best friend Dear Dragon. But he is not the kind of dragon you’d expect: scary and fire-breathing. Thanks to an unexpected accident where Dear Dragon swallowed Florrie’s bubble blowing soap, he now blows bubbles!


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