Milan experiences Africa


The thirteen commissioned films from the International Film Festival Rotterdam’s (IFFR) Forget Africa-section screen 15-21 March within the African, Asian and Latin American Film Festival in Milan, Italy.

The 20th Festival del Cinema Africano, d’Asia e America Latina showcases the thirteen new films commissioned by IFFR and shot in Africa by Asian and Western directors working with local directors.  The directors were asked to travel in an African country of their choice and make a film based on their first impressions.
Forget Africa consists of films by Filipino filmmaker Khavn De la Cruz (on Cameroon), Malaysian director Tan Chui Mui (on South Africa), US directors Kimi Takesue (on Uganda), Deborah Stratman (on Mali) and Kevin Jerome Everson (on Angola), Indian-American filmmaker Pia Sawhney (on Rwanda), German director Uli Schuppel and Singaporean artist Sherman Ong (on Tanzania), Beijing-resident Filipino director Joanna Arong Vasquez and Thai artist/director Jakrawal Nilthamrong (on Zambia), Indonesian filmmaker Edwin (on Kenya) and Austrian artist Ella Raidel (on Mozambique).


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