Pan-African kids channel launches


On 7 March, ABC – a pan-African children and youth channel – launched in Lagos, Nigeria on the MiTV radio and television platforms. ABC is syndicated to all Nigerian independent networks and the Nigerian Television Authority (NTA). It will eventually be webcast to audiences around the world.

The launch coincided with UNICEF’s International Children’s Day of Broadcasting (ICDB).

ABC focuses on high quality media for children and youth in Africa and the Diaspora. Says ABC’s Firdoze Bulbulia: “The channel’s aim is to offer African children and youth cross- media content starting in Nigeria and eventually in all African countries and on the DStv platform. The content is aimed at children aged one to 18 and youth between the ages of 18 to 25. The latter age group constitutes 63% of the Nigerian population which is about 88.2 million people.’

In keeping with the Africa Charter on Children’s Broadcasting, ABC will offer diverse programming that is relevant, positive and reaffirming – information, education and entertainment.

ABC will support formal, non-formal and informal education and will facilitate ongoing research in children and youth media and audiences, ensuring partnerships with major research institutions

“We invite broadcasting unions, donor organisations, broadcasters and producers to become a partner with ABC so that together we can offer the best programming for children and youth,’ says Bulbulia.

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