Viewers dislike loud commercials


A US survey revealed that the vast majority of TV viewers are so annoyed by loud TV commercials that they reduce or mute the volume, or change the channel altogether.

The telephone survey of 1,000 TV viewers, conducted for Harris by Wakefield Research, showed that 89% are bothered by the often dramatic variation between regular TV programming and advertising volumes. Eighty percent of those who are bothered by the loudness variations take matters into their own hands by turning the volume down (41%), completely muting the volume (22%) or changing the channel altogether (17%).

The survey respondents also cautioned advertisers that the louder commercials may be backfiring by causing them to tune out of the advertisements. South African TV broadcasters are also inclined to raise the dialogue level of commercials and they would do well to take note of survey findings:

• 61% said the loudness difference negatively impacted their perception of the product or their ad-viewing habits.
• 38% reported they are less likely to pay attention or consider the product.
• 23% of those surveyed are changing the channel to another programme.
• Only 5%reported the louder volume makes them more likely to pay attention to an ad and consider the product.


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