Africa Rural Connect 4th round winners


The fourth-round winners in the online contest of the National Peace Corps Association (NPCA) have been announced. The first place winner in Africa Rural Connect (ARC) is from Sweden while the second and third place winners are from Malawi and Tanzania. ARC, an online community that launched this summer, fosters collaborative thinking to engage users with each other to share ideas to help solve rural Africa’s greatest challenges. NPCA created the four-month contest when they launched the ARC Web site in July to encourage people to sign up and post their ideas.

The top three winners of the fourth round receive a prize winner badge that appears on their ideas page on the ARC website and as in previous rounds, the first, second and third prize winners receive $3,000, $2,000 and $1,000 respectively, to help implement their plans.  The seven runners-up receive a round winner badge that is affixed to their page.

The top three fourth-round winners of the ARC contest are as follows:
-Sweden-1st Place-$3,000 seed money:The Ndekero Challenge: A Systems Approach to Rabbit Keeping by a Rural Community in Partnership with a Commercial Rabbit Farm

-Malawi-2nd Place-$2,000 seed money:Bamboo Lota: The Dream for a Sustainable Malawi

-Tanzania-3rd Place-$1,000 seed money:Rainwater Harvesting in Rural Tanzania

All four round winners of the ARC online contest, including runners-up, will compete for the final prize where a panel of judges will select the best idea from the final pool and award one winner $20,000 to implement their idea. The champion of the final competition will be determined by 15 December.



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